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3D Technical Services was formed in 1998 from a group of experienced personnel in the Instrument and Control industry. Formerly working for National Technical Services (NTS), this group of Project Managers, Instrument Technicians, Fitters, and Electricians developed a reputation for quality work throughout the Bay Area. However, due to the acquisition and consolidation of National Technical Services by investors on the east coast, all local branches of NTS including the California office were dissolved. To continue to provide quality instrument services in the Bay Area, 3D Technical Services was created. All 3D Technical Services employees are instrument and control specialists.


Our goal is to provide our customers with a superior source of quality instrument and automation services by utilizing our extensive experience and knowledge. We pledge to conduct our business by treating all customers, employees, suppliers, and the community with honesty, fairness, respect, and integrity. We will support our local community and youth organizations to help promote the generation of tomorrow.


The safety of our employees, owner’s personnel and property, and other contractors is of utmost importance to our organization. Our company has developed the attitude that stresses safety first. The results are that we have attained a safety record that is second to none. We consider this to be a major part of performing quality work.
Since the inception of 3D Technical Services in 1998, we have had ZERO recordable incidents.


3D Technical Services has developed a Quality Assurance Plan and Quality Control Procedures to ensure that all work is performed to meet or exceed the Customers requirements. These procedures are based on recommended and accepted practices from the ISA, numerous Equipment Manufacturers procedures, and actual on the job experience. 3D Quality Control Procedures will be customized to meet the specific needs of individual customers. All procedures will be acceptable to our Customers prior to the performance of any services.


3D Technical Services owns and maintains test and measurement equipment to cover most any application required. All test equipment will be certified through an independent lab and certifications will be traceable to NIST standards. All equipment utilized will be of greater accuracy than the device being calibrated as set forth in the Quality Control Procedures Manual. Any specialized equipment obtained on a short term basis will also follow these guidelines.
All installation tools and equipment are maintained to an as new condition to ensure quality performance.



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